2 hours
25 km
Edam Busstation

A wonderful bike tour from Edam to Volendam to Marken including a boat ride

LOCATION (START) Busstation Edam, addres Singelweg
LOCATION (START) Marken, address Minneweg
TIME About 2 hours
CLOTHES Wear comfortable clothing
Guided Biketour Ferry from Volendam to Marken
or ferry from Marken to Volendam
Distance about 12 km
Coffee or tea
NOT INCLUDED Additional food or beveragesYou can make the tour with your own bike or I arrange a rental bike for 15 euro
Transport to Edam, or Marken, or vice versa
Lunch at a beautiful location
An E-bike is possible for 30 euro.

THIS GUIDED BIKETOUR IS AVAILABLE ON DEMAND. Price indicated is per person for a minimum group of 8 persons. For a smaller group the price per person will be higher. Ask for the possibilities.

markenboottochtThis compact guided biketour contains the most famous highlights of Waterland. This biketour is complete with a boat ride from Volendam to Marken. The biketour starts in Monnickendam at the Grote Kerk, address Singelweg. Here you can park, and if you reserved bikes or E-bikes, they will be waiting here for you.In a short time, with not many kilometres, you will get to see beautiful highlights of this old part of Holland.

A brief history of Edam

We start our bike tour in Edam. Edam is a beautiful Zuiderzee town packed with history, and most famous for its cheeses. The cheeses are still lying in warehouses to mature, and in the summer you can still visit the cheese market. The history of Edam started in the 12th century, when fishermen and farmers settled near the Ye river, a small river in Waterland. Edam became a monument from the golden age. There are beautiful buildings on display, such as Damsquare, a Pearl of road and hydrological ingenuity, at the former Buttermarket. Edam is a typical Zuiderzee town in optima forma. Beautiful old buildings, pretty canals, many different churches and charming streets. Walking through Edam is almost like walking through the 17e century, small and pittoresque.

From Edam to Marken

In Volendam we will visit the famous Dyke which is always very lively. There you can get your photograph taken in traditional Volendam costume, or buy Dutch cheese or souvenirs. And you can get a taste of the old history of the old fisherman’s village. We take the Marken-Express from Volendam to Marken. We can take the bikes with us on the ferry and will set foot on the former island of Marken.

Marken, a former island is special because of the way the houses were build. The Zuiderzee used to be an open sea. Because of the tides the houses were built on stilts. Here we can see various attractions. Like the lighthouse, named the “horse of Marken”. Probably one of the most photographed subject of Netherlands, and certainly worth the bike ride. But also in the field of folklore Marken scores high. The clogs farm or the Marker museum is well worth a visit. And of course the cosy Harbour.

Along the way we stop for tea/coffee and for a little tour to a point of interest. Lunch is enjoyed at one of the stops.


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