What is the offer of Country Cycling to companies?

  • a bicycle trip with coffee/tea break
  • intermediate stops on the way
  • a lunch, dinner or both
  • beautiful venues
  • good catering with fair trade or regional products
  • a training, workshop or other desired activity

Country Cycling partners with beautiful locations, with coaches, trainers and artists.

What can Country Cycling do for you?

Team Building

Country Cycling organises team building for various companies.

This means:

  • a bike ride
  • a particularly beautiful venue with coffee/and tea break
  • lunch, drinks, dinner or all three
  • a training or workshop on your desired subject.

Country Cycling devises and organizes, depending on your needs, the whole package for you.

Corporate Events

Country Cycling also organizes corporate events.

For example:

  • a bike ride
  • a visit to a special venue with coffee and tea break with some goodies
  • lunch, drinks or dinner or the entire package
  • a different activity to your liking

Other Events for Companies?

What else can Country Cycling organize for your company?

For example:

  • a round trip by boat or rental of a whisper boat
  • another sporting activity, next to the cycling
  • a workshop at an artist
  • a tour of a nature reserve
  • a guided tour in a museum or point of interest
  • a guided walk with a guide through a picturesque city or village

What is the method of Country Cycling?

We make an appointment to the wishes (by telephone). We think actively with you and send you a proposal with the possibilities and prices.

What can Country Cycling organise for you?

Country Cycling devises and organizes the entire program or parts of it for you. Whether it is organizing a corporate event for a small or a large group; good preparation is half the battle. This does not cost too much time.

Country Cycling will be happy to assist you in finding a suitable location and the combination with one or more activities. Are you interested? Please feel free to contact me for advice: 06 17456535.

Why choose Country Cycling?

You want to do something else with your employees than they used to.

For example:

If your employees spend a lot of time sitting in the car or if your employees are seconded in different places. It is very nice to go cycling to a beautiful location, where you can start by enjoying a beverage or a snack.

There you can start the more serious part of the program. Of course we will take care of the drinks during the presentation, training or workshop and a delicious lunch afterwards. Then after lunch we get back on the bike and drive to the most beautiful places in the area.

The program can fully be completed and can be combined with various other activities. Ask for the possibilities.

Do you need inspiration for an original corporate event?

Then you are at Country Cycling to the right address. Please contact me, then we make an appointment.


After you have received the information and made a selection of the extra activities, it is recommended that you make a good inventory of the number of participants. You can use this handy checklist for your corporate event or team building programme:

  • information and interest to the participants
  • number of participants
  • are there special (diet) wishes of the participants
  • choose all elements of the program fit for your participants
  • choose a date and start time, have a possibly alternative date
  • check your budget
  • all questions asked?
  • call for making a reservation with Country Cycling
  • check and approve the offer
  • receive confirmation and check content
  • sign confirmation and return within 6 days
  • make payment according to the agreed terms
  • did you receive the invitation, checked the data?
  • on the day of the event, check the weather and traffic

and have fun!